Advanced Air and Vacuum is a leading provider of compressed air piping solutions in Southern California and Central Arizona. As the exclusive authorized dealer of Prevost Aluminum Air Piping products, we offer top-quality air piping solutions that are designed to last.

AAV specializes in designing and installing compressed air systems for a variety of industrial applications including, the automotive equipment division, car washes, sandblasting, CNC machining, pneumatic conveying, food and beverage, woodworking, and tire shops. Our team of experienced professionals creates customized Prevost piping plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

One of the key advantages of working with Advanced Air and Vacuum is our comprehensive inventory of materials. We stock all of the necessary components for Prevost aluminum air piping systems, including pipes, Prevost air fittings, valves, and accessories. This ensures that we can complete Prevost installations quickly and efficiently without having to wait for materials to be ordered.


What is Prevost Air Piping?

Prevost Air Piping is an advanced compressed air system specifically engineered to meet the demands of industrial and automotive applications, among other high-pressure air uses. One of the standout features of the Prevost piping system is its use of impact-resistant aluminum pipes. These pipes are made of a specialized aluminum alloy that provides excellent mechanical resistance, ensuring a durable and long-lasting network.

Modular System

The system is modular, comprising various elements like pipes, aluminum fittings, valves, and accessories. These components are designed to be incredibly user-friendly, thanks to the Prevost PPS Grip concept. This grip concept ensures a flawless connection, resulting in a completely leak-free network that drastically improves air quality. Not only does this remove the risk of leaks, but it also optimizes flow rates by reducing pressure drop in the compressed air network.

A significant advantage of this modular approach is the ease of assembly and reconfiguration. With the PPS Grip concept and the inclusion of a tapping flange, the air network can be swiftly set up without the need for any specialized tools or training. Workstations can quickly adapt to changing needs, whether expanding or altering the air network range to accommodate new pneumatic equipment or tools.

Reduced Energy Consumption

This adaptability is complemented by the low friction coefficient of the aluminum pipes, made possible by their smooth internal pipe surface. This feature, in turn, allows for reduced energy consumption and superior flow rates, benefitting any industrial or automotive application. Safety couplings are integrated to protect your pneumatic equipment, ensuring a secure and efficient interface with a variety of tools at the workstation.

To further augment its compressed air network range, Prevost offers hose reels and blow guns as part of the new PPS line. These are ideal for workstations that require high-performance, reliable equipment for a variety of applications. In addition, the system is designed to work efficiently with various types of compressor lubricants, minimizing maintenance costs and enhancing the longevity of the air system.


What are the benefits of Prevost Air Piping Systems?

Prevost Air Piping systems are highly regarded for their exceptional advantages in multiple sectors, particularly in the automotive industry. Its leak-free nature is crucial for maintaining excellent air quality and smooth flow rates, offering benefits such as:

  • improved airflow
  • reduced pressure drop
  • lower energy consumption
  • easy to install, requiring minimal specialized tools or training.

Efficiency & Maintenance

The system uses impact-resistant aluminum pipes, which are lighter than stainless steel but offer excellent mechanical resistance. The aluminum alloy used is not only durable but also coated with epoxy paint, reducing the risks of oxidation and corrosion. This means that your compressed air system works more efficiently, thereby saving costs in the long run.

In terms of maintenance, the aluminum pipe in a Prevost system is less susceptible to the buildup of compressor lubricants, ensuring long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance costs. The Prevost system also boasts an array of equipment including hose reels and blow guns, which are invaluable for workstations across Europe and beyond.

Simplified Installation

Installation is another area where the Prevost system shines. Thanks to the PPS Grip concept, installing or modifying the air network is a breeze. The aluminum fittings are specially designed for easy and secure attachment, eliminating the need for specialized tools or training. A tapping flange is included for added ease in connecting different elements of the network. For an even more seamless setup, Prevost offers a new compressed air network range, featuring hose reels and blow guns to complement the existing air network range.


Safety is another key aspect of the Prevost air piping systems. Safety couplings are integrated into the system, offering an added layer of protection for pneumatic equipment. Couplings are designed to work efficiently with various tools at the workstation, contributing to a safer and more productive environment.


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