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From entertainment to healthcare to manufacturing, Las Vegas is at the forefront of business and innovation. At Advanced Air & Vacuum (AAV), we are proud to play a role in this dynamic environment by providing essential solutions and services to these companies. Our diverse range of services, including installation, maintenance, and repair of air compressors and vacuum systems, is integral to the seamless operation of many businesses. The company’s approach is not just about providing equipment but offering holistic solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. This approach is particularly useful in the Las Vegas area, where the demand for efficiency and reliability is paramount.

What sets Advanced Air & Vacuum apart is our commitment to exceptional customer service, problem-solving, and offering comprehensive solutions. Whether it’s installing a new compressor, conducting regular maintenance to ensure longevity and energy efficiency, or quickly addressing compressor repairs, AAV’s dedication to its customers never rests.

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Our installation services are designed to be seamless and efficient, allowing you and your business to hit the ground running. Tailoring each installation of air compressors and vacuum systems to meet specific needs, our technicians ensure optimal performance, a key factor for success in Las Vegas’ dynamic business landscape.


In a city that operates 24/7, regular maintenance is vital. Advanced Air’s preventative maintenance services ensure that air compressors and vacuum systems are always operating at peak efficiency, preventing unexpected breakdowns that can be costly in Las Vegas’ fast-moving economy.


When equipment malfunctions occur, Advanced Air & Vacuum’s timely repairs are a game changer, minimizing downtime in Las Vegas’ fast-paced economic environment. Specializing in a wide range of air compressors and vacuum systems, Advanced Air & Vacuum uses high-quality parts and trusted techniques to restore equipment to optimal states, ensuring businesses stay operational and competitive. We stand by our motto that there is nothing we cannot fix. Don’t believe us? We encourage you to put us to the test!

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At Advanced Air & Vacuum, we offer a comprehensive range of air solutions. From being an authorized dealer for major brands like Atlas Copco and Quincy to installations of industrial air compressors, Advanced Air & Vacuum caters to the unique needs of your company. Whether you need a portable compressor, rotary screw compressor, or simply an air audit – we have you covered.


Understanding the critical role of motors in Las Vegas’s bustling industrial and healthcare sectors, we provide specialized motor rewinding services. Boasting EASA AR100 Certified Motor Rewinding, Advanced Air utilizes Class H insulation and inverter-duty wire for optimal performance.


Our pump removals, installation, and repair services are key in Las Vegas, allowing for precise and efficient fluid management. From application-specific pump sizing to handling complex repairs like cavitation and seal damage, Advanced Air & Vacuum will have your pumps operating at their best.


Catering to the unique needs of Las Vegas businesses, we offer specialized services for industrial vacuum pumps. Whether dealing with contamination, pressure issues, or more specific problems like smoke and fog, our solutions are designed to ensure uninterrupted operations – crucial in the city that never sleeps.

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Choosing Advanced Air & Vacuum means selecting a partner that offers a comprehensive and professional approach to compressed air needs in Las Vegas. As a one-stop shop, AAV provides a holistic range of services, ensuring that every aspect of compressed air systems, from installation to repair, is covered with the utmost professionalism.

The expertise of our team is affirmed by their EASA and AR100 certifications for motor specialists, a testament to their deep understanding of motor systems. Additionally, our commitment to excellence is solidified by holding both CAGI and Air Master certifications. These credentials not only demonstrate AAV’s dedication to quality and efficiency but also their ability to offer tailored, knowledgeable solutions that meet the unique demands of Las Vegas businesses. In a city where reliability and performance are key, Advanced Air & Vacuum stands out as the go-to provider for all compressed air needs, combining certified expertise with comprehensive service offerings.

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM