Advanced Air & Vacuum takes a holistic approach to air compressor installation, ensuring all bases are covered from the ground up. Whether it’s electrical, piping, structural needs, canopy, or enclosures, we are equipped to handle it all, delivering a comprehensive solution that gives you peace of mind and a compressed air system you can rely on.


For many businesses, large and small, the importance of a reliable and efficient air compressor cannot be overstated, as these systems are crucial for a wide range of operations, from powering tools to supporting manufacturing processes. However, the effectiveness of an air compressor hinges not just on the choice of equipment, but on its proper installation. This process requires detailed planning and a deep understanding of various factors like location, size (cubic feet), duty cycle, and power requirements. Even a small error in installation can lead to issues such as pressure drops, reduced airflow, increased energy costs, and a shortened lifespan for the compressor.


Our vacuum pump installation is critical for industries that rely on precise pressure control and air removal, such as medical facilities, laboratories, and manufacturing plants. The effectiveness of a vacuum pump is not solely dependent on the equipment’s quality, but also on its proper installation. This process involves careful consideration of factors such as the pump’s location, capacity, compatibility with existing systems, and the specific vacuum requirements of the application. Our team at Advanced Air & Vacuum ensures that each vacuum pump is installed with precision, taking into account all necessary parameters to guarantee optimal performance and longevity.


Our Prevost piping installation is the perfect solution for any facility requiring an expansive and efficient compressed air system. Prevost piping is ideal for delivering clean, compressed air to various points of use. The installation process requires a thorough understanding of the layout and demands of your facility. Our experts at Advanced Air & Vacuum specialize in designing and installing Prevost piping systems that minimize pressure drops and leaks, ensuring efficient airflow and reduced energy costs.

Our Process


1. Expertise in Mechanical Systems and Industrial Equipment

  • Complex Process Understanding: Recognizing the intricacies involved in air compressor installation.
  • Risk Mitigation: Avoiding issues from improper installation, such as overheating due to poor ventilation.

2. Considerations for Future Expansion and Efficiency

  • Space Planning: Ensuring sufficient space for future expansion to avoid costly adjustments down the road.
  • Optimal Performance: Matching the power source with the compressor to prevent performance issues and reduce energy costs.

3. Advanced Air & Vacuum’s Professional Approach

  • Quality and Efficiency: Commitment to quality installations, ensuring peak efficiency from the start.
  • Saving Your Business Money: Reducing the frequency of service calls through proper initial installation.

4. Customized Client Services

  • Personalized Solutions: Understanding and addressing unique client needs based on years of experience.
  • Comprehensive Offerings: Providing additional services like structural pads, canopies, enclosures, and power solutions.

At Advanced Air & Vacuum, we go beyond the traditional scope of installation services. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive solution that addresses all your needs and sets you up for long-term success. We are not just about getting the job done; we are about getting it done right, with your specific needs and satisfaction at the heart of our services. When you choose Advanced Air & Vacuum for your air compressor installation, you choose a partner committed to quality, efficiency, and your ultimate peace of mind.

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