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Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico is a huge city with almost 2 million people within its limits and over that many within its metropolitan area. It’s Mexico’s second-largest city, and is highly influential in both education and politics. It is a hub of manufacturing, as well as a cultural, art, and transportation hub. With the city’s manufacturing emphasis, industrial air compressors are needed even more than they usually are. Compressed air is used for all sorts of manufacturing, as well as for lighter work such as auto repair and fabrication.

Advanced Air helps keep everything running by providing air compressor equipment, parts, compressed air piping, air compressor service, and equipment rentals. The company is based in California, and is close enough to the border to reach a Tijuana, Tecate, or Mexicali within minutes.

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If you have questions about which industrial air compressor you should get, call Advanced Air. In just a few minutes and a quick conversation or phone call, We can give you an answer and options on what best suits your air demand and budget. We also provide air compressor services and emergency repairs for existing equipment and systems. 


Your motor is made of many moving parts, so the failure can have multiple root causes. We can fix any motor problem and even offer full motor rewinding or reconditioning. Our services also pin down and repair problems like contamination, bearing failure, misalignment, grease issues, single phasing, and more.


Our expert pump rebuilding and pump repair services handle all sorts of issues related to this critical piece of equipment. Cavitation, seal damage, leaks, clogging, and improper flow rates will be diagnosed and fixed by technicians who come to your site. We can also help you with choosing the right new pump for your application.


An industrial vacuum pump often encounters different problems from those regular pumps display. We are experts in all kinds of vacuum pump-related equipment, so this isn’t an issue for us. We’ll diagnose and repair varnishing, contamination, poor vacuum, smoke or fog, and other problems quickly.

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When your industrial air compressor is down, you can’t wait a long time for it to get fixed. We can have repair techs at your location within three hours in most cases. If the problem is going to take longer to fix, our air compressor rental, vacuum pump rental, and other rental services let you get your facility back to full speed even as repairs take place. We also offer parts and manuals for your different pieces of equipment, so if you know how to or want fix it yourself, we would be happy to just supply your parts to do the job.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry, with EASA and AR100 certification you can be confident in our expert motor and pump repairs. We also have factory trained technicians and specialists with CAGI certifications. We hold an Air Master+ Certification that only about 35 people in the USA currently have. We are experts, we are ADVANCED! When you need service or repairs, parts or new equipment for any air compressor system, call Advanced Air. We can take care of everything you need.

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