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San Marcos is in San Diego County’s North Country region, and is bordered by Escondido, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Chula Vista. One of its most famous landmarks is an illuminated cross that is visible from most of the city at night. The community center known as the Red Barn (or Williams Barn) is another familiar landmark, and is surrounded by several historic houses.

As in other cities, air compressors play a large role in keeping everything running. They power everything from auto mechanics’ impact wrenches to the production of high-tech aeronautic equipment, and everything in between. If you look, you can find an industrial air compressor in almost any commercial building, whether out in the open or hidden in a utility room. Needless to say, there is plenty of demand for air compressor service, air compressor parts like compressed air piping, and new equipment.

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If you have questions about which industrial air compressor you should get, call Advanced Air. In just a few minutes and a quick conversation or phone call, We can give you an answer and options on what best suits your air demand and budget. We also provide air compressor services and emergency repairs for existing equipment and systems. 


Your motor is made of many moving parts, so the failure can have multiple root causes. We can fix any motor problem and even offer full motor rewinding or reconditioning. Our services also pin down and repair problems like contamination, bearing failure, misalignment, grease issues, single phasing, and more.


Our expert pump rebuilding and pump repair services handle all sorts of issues related to this critical piece of equipment. Cavitation, seal damage, leaks, clogging, and improper flow rates will be diagnosed and fixed by technicians who come to your site. We can also help you with choosing the right new pump for your application.


An industrial vacuum pump often encounters different problems from those regular pumps display. We are experts in all kinds of vacuum pump-related equipment, so this isn’t an issue for us. We’ll diagnose and repair varnishing, contamination, poor vacuum, smoke or fog, and other problems quickly.

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We have both EASA and AR100 certification for motors. Any shop worth the name has AR100 certification, so this is an important reason to choose us. For compressed air systems, we have a CAGI specialist with Air Master certification. Only 35 individuals in the US are certified Air Masters. You can rest assured that we can identify and fix any problem related to air compressor systems. However, we know that you may want to do repairs yourself. Therefore, we offer a full array of air compressor parts like compressed air piping.

We also understand that you may need to have a working air compressor even when your own is down for service. Our air compressor rental and vacuum pump rental options make it easy to keep your business running. For any sort of air compressor service, contact us here at Advanced Air today.

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