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As a strong part of the Inland Empire community, Advanced Air & Vacuum is proud of its 20-year heritage in the region. From the earliest roots of industry in March Field and March Air Reserve Base, representing some of the very beginnings of what would eventually become the U.S. Air Force, to the influx of new residents from Los Angeles and Orange County that continue to drive strong construction trends in the city, Moreno Valley has proven itself time and again as a solid part of the Inland Empire’s industrial complex. 

Advanced Air is proud to serve the Moreno Valley, California community. We provide a range of options for your industrial air compressor, electric motor repair needs, pump repair services, or similar demands. But do you really need an industrial air compressor? There is a wide range of industries that use industrial air compressors. These include:

  • Manufacturing and industrial
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Aerospace parts
  • CNC machines
  • Automotive
  • Commercial and residential construction
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Screen printing

Advanced Air is the leading company in the region for air compressor service, repair, installation, air compressor rental, and sales in the Moreno Valley area.

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Air Compressors: Is your air compressor cycling, even though you’ve got sufficient tank capacity?

Solution: At Advanced Air, we can diagnose your air compressor repair needs or provide you with air compressor parts to fils your system’s issues.


Motors: Are you noticing that your electric motor isn’t keeping up as well as it used to?

Solution: If there’s been a noticeable decline in performance, we can help with your electric motor repair or motor rewinding, making it easier for you to get your motor back to work.


Pumps: Sometimes your pumps may fail, whether you need them for circulating, boiler feed, slurry or a wide range of other needs.

Solution: If you’re not getting the flow that you need, we can help get your systems up and running again.


Vacuum Pumps: Blocked inlet? Lagging speed? Slow motor?

Solution: If you need pump repair services, we’ll help you find the right solutions, whether it involves an industrial vacuum pump rental for a temporary fix or fixing your existing system.

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Advanced Air?

At Advanced Air, we’re focused on more than simple repair and sales, and we’ve got the certifications to back that up. Our EASA I san assurance that when we work on your motor, we’re meeting the standards of the industry and ensuring that you’ll get the best possible work to deliver superior performance. We’re also AR100 certified, which means we’ve got the training and experience for high-level factory and industrial repairs. 

We take a holistic approach to both equipment and systems. Instead of just pushing new equipment, we can identify and fix any issue, including complex problems such as:

  • Installation
  • Ambient temperature
  • Compressed air piping
  • Electrical issues

Our specialists can develop your end-to-end system. We keep inventory on hand, have an on-site repair center and can handle motor repairs. Advanced Air is the only company in the region that can handle all your needs. Contact us today to get started!

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM