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Whether you work at a resort that has tractors for ground care or undertake marina repair on the lakeshore, Lake Elsinore business owners understand that to keep their vacationing guests and local residents happy, they need to have superior pneumatic tools, pumps, and motors functioning at high capability to ensure great results. Advanced Air & Vacuum’s 20-year heritage in the region ensures that we can help keep your business operating effectively and efficiently.

Advanced Air is proud of its history in the Lake Elsinore area and the greater Riverside County area. We can provide you with several options for your commercial air compressor, as well as electric motor repair, pump repair, and a range of similar issues. We also have experience in many industries and can guide you in making the right choice: 

  • Manufacturing and industrial
  • Commercial and residential construction
  • CNC machines
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Aerospace parts
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Screen printing

As the leading company in the region providing quality air compressor service, rental, repair, installation, and sales in the Lake Elsinore area, you’ll discover that we stand behind our work and always deliver superior results.

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Air Compressors: Constant cycling of your air compressor will almost certainly exceed its rated duty cycle, but what’s causing the problem? We can provide you with a commercial air compressor rental while we diagnose the problem so that you don’t miss a thing.


Motors: Lagging motors, overheating issues, overloading problems: if you’re seeing these issues in your electric motor, it’s important that you get them fixed before they lead to a more serious problem. We can help diagnose and fix your problem quickly so that you can get back in operation.


Pumps: Whether you are having problems with poor suction or cavitation, where air is entering the system, the result is the same: insufficient flow. Our experienced team can discover the root of the problem and repair your pump.


Vacuum Pumps: If your vacuum pump isn’t keeping up with its usual workload, it could be a slow motor, blocked inlet, or any number of other issues. While we determine the problem, we’ll provide an industrial vacuum pump rental for the meantime.

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Advanced Air?

When you work with Advanced Air, you get a solid team that focuses beyond easy repairs and new sales. Our EASA certification ensures that the work that we perform on your motor will meet industry standards, so you’ll get great work and superior performance on your motor. Similarly, our AR100 certification means that we’ve had extensive training and experience in handling the highest-level factory and industrial repairs.

Our team uses a holistic approach to your systems and equipment. We don’t push new equipment when we can diagnose and fix issues with your existing systems:

  • Installation problems
  • Ambient temperature
  • Electrical issues
  • Compressed air piping

From development of your end-to-end system to simply handling a few parts, our on-hand inventory, on-site repair service, and motor repair center ensure that we’re the only regional company that can stay on top of all your needs. Contact us today to get started!

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM