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If you’ve been to the Irvine Spectrum Center or Pretend City Children’s Museum, you know there’s plenty to do in the Irvine, CA area. With that in mind, though, you also know that all of those enjoyable experiences are a result of industry. One of the things that industry needs is the behind-the-scenes equipment to keep it running, such as industrial air compressors. With so many of these compressors in use, there’s a big need for people who can work on them and keep them running right.

Your company may need support and help with these industrial air compressors, too. Calling Advanced Air is the right way to make sure your company stays running strong. We offer installations and rentals, along with repairs and maintenance, whether your compressor is used in the medical or dental industry, for crop spraying, for screen printing, or for some other industry.

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There are always solutions to problems with an industrial air compressor. A five-minute consultation with us will help you determine what solution would be recommended in your case. We treat water in the lines, and also work with piping both trunk & branch and loop & Drop airline systems. Need a new compressor? We can help you decide between piston and reciprocating choices.


Contamination and moisture can cause significant problems with air compressor motors. So can misalignment, which can be corrected with our laser alignment services. Over or under greasing is another common problem, and we can investigate that, too. If you’re worried about voltage drops and other issues with an overload condition, we’re here to help find the source of the issue.


Pumps frequently develop seal damage and leaks, both of which can require fixing the mechanical seal faces that have been harmed by sand, metal, abrasives, and foreign objects. If you’re facing a clogged pump, we’ll look for worn wear rings, improper debris control, and incorrect pump application that could be causing the issue.


Vacuum pumps frequently create smoke or fog, and there are oil mist elimination and capture devices that can help reduce that problem. We also perform diagnostics on units that won’t start, and if there are tripping breakers or blowing fuses, we can perform electrical assessments and motor testing to find the issue.

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When you’re facing an installation or repair of an industrial air compressor, reach out to us at Advanced Air. We can install a new system, fix the current one, or help you with renting an industrial air compressor or industrial vacuum pump until the issue with yours can be resolved. We are EASA and AR100 certified, so you can feel confident in the work we’re doing for your company. We follow best practices for the industry, and are dedicated to quality repairs and other services.

We can handle the issue, and get your company back to work. When you contact Advanced Air for motor rewinding, pump repair services, and other industrial air compressor issues, you can know that you’re choosing a company you can rely on, to solve the issues you’re facing and stand by the work they provide to you.

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM