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The desert climate in Imperial presents unique challenges to pneumatic systems, which is why Advanced Air & Vacuum’s extensive experience in the area provides you with perfect repairs, service and sales. Our long history in southern California is part of the reason why we’re able to keep up with the area, with our industrial air compressor systems driving construction in our fast-growing city. Why work with another company that doesn’t understand the culture, needs and demands of the area? 

With an extensive history going back over two decades, we’ve found the right solutions for the area, covering a wide range of industries. It doesn’t matter if you need electric motor repairs, industrial air compressor services, compressed air piping advice, pump repair services or other services, our strong background covers several industries such as:

  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Automotive service and repair
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial, industrial and residential construction
  • CNC machines
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Screen printing
  • Dental

Advanced Air is proud to serve Imperial as the leading regional company for industrial air compressor service, repair and installation, in addition to commercial air compressor sales and rental.

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in Imperial, California

Interior of a car repair garage.

At Advanced Air and Vacuum, our proficiency in air compressor repair, maintenance, sales, and installation is pivotal for automotive businesses in Imperial Valley. Necessary for powering essential machinery such as car lifts and various pneumatic tools.

Tailored Air Compressor Sales & Services for Automotive Applications

Recognizing the unique requirements of the automotive industry in Imperial Valley, we provide an extensive selection of air compressors. This range includes Quincy and Atlas Copco models, adept at meeting diverse needs from inflating tires to powering advanced car lifts. We also offer portable air compressors, which are indispensable for any automotive workshop, offering the flexibility needed for roadside technicians to service car tires efficiently.

We specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing industrial air compressors for more intensive automotive tasks, including the highly sought-after rotary-screw compressor models. These units deliver the consistent and reliable air pressure essential for continuous operation. They are perfectly suited for driving a broad spectrum of air tools, ranging from simple air ratchets to more intricate pneumatic systems employed in automotive repai



Insufficient pressure in your commercial air compressor system is frustrating but can be caused by several sources. We’ll diagnose your air compressor repair needs or develop air compressor solutions that meet your needs.


Lagging, overheating or poor-performing electric motor problems? Advanced Air is ready to help! Our on-site repair shop can handle electric motor repair or motor rewinding to exacting requirements. We’ll get your motor rolling again quickly!


Pumps are an important part of daily industrial operations, from coolant circulators to trash pumps and much more. If your pump can’t keep up with your needs, we can help you find the right solutions, whether through repairs or augmentation.


As a vital part of your system, vacuum pumps that fail to work right, whether due to slow speeds, blocked inlets or motor problems, are a real pain. Our vacuum pump repair service will give you the answers, with industrial vacuum pump rental available.

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in Imperial, California

As a premier provider of compressed air piping solutions in Imperial Valley, Advanced Air and Vacuum is proud to specialize in Prevost Piping Systems. Integrating these advanced air systems into your automotive workshop brings multiple benefits:

  • Durability and Reliability: Crafted to endure the demanding environment of an automotive workshop, Prevost’s air piping guarantees a durable and dependable air distribution system.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: Prevost systems significantly lower the risk of air contamination, which is vital for the upkeep of pneumatic tools and for ensuring accurate tire inflation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Designed to minimize pressure drop, these systems boost energy efficiency, a key aspect in managing costs in the high-demand automotive sector of Imperial Valley.
  • Simplified Installation and Adaptability: The modular design of Prevost systems allows for straightforward installation and easy future modifications, aligning perfectly with the changing needs of your automotive business.

Comprehensive Support for San Diego’s Automotive Sector

Our commitment at Advanced Air and Vacuum goes beyond just selling and installing air compressors and air systems. We are dedicated to providing continuous support through our maintenance and repair services. This commitment ensures that your automotive air system is always operating at its best, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity in your automotive business.

Advanced Air?

Why Advanced Air?

  Advanced Air’s multidisciplinary approach to repair and sales ensures that you’ll get the results you need. Our certifications back up our promises, with EASA certification to meet or exceed industry standards on your electric motor, giving you outstanding performance, while our AR100 certification shows that we’ve got the training and expertise to handle your high-level factory, manufacturing and industrial plant needs.

Because we understand your concerns, we know that you don’t need the latest and greatest equipment all the time, just a little help in getting your existing system back on its feet. Our holistic approach allows us to diagnose and fix all your problems, including:

  • Electrical supply issues
  • Problems with compressed air piping
  • Installation concerns
  • Regional issues with ambient humidity

As the only regional company that can handle all your needs, our on-hand inventory, motor repair capability and on-site repair center ensure that we can develop, service and maintain your end-to-end system. Contact us today to get started!

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM