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Escondido, California is a city in a shallow valley. It lies 30 miles northeast of San Diego, which is far enough to allow it to develop its own local flavor. Almost 150,000 people call this city home. There are some unique shopping options here including the Escondido Farmers Market, which focuses on California-grown produce and plants; and the Escondido Swap Market, which has new and used goods. A more traditional indoor mall is also present.

Air compressors are essential for many industries in Escondido, CA. They are used for everything from building maintenance to the production of food products, industrial parts, and aerospace components. Small business such as auto repair garages need them just as much as large industrial facilities. Advanced Air is the foremost provider of industrial air compressor installations, maintenance, repairs, and rentals in California. Escondido businesses rely on Advanced Air for all of their industrial air compressor needs.

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Wondering about water getting into the lines and doesn’t know what to do to stop it? Our compressed air piping experts know there are many ways to eliminate water and moisture, with solutions ranging from piping design to filtration and dryers.  We will let you know the best solution based on our expertise and then take it from there.


Periodically, our team receives calls from customers who are at their wits’ end about an overload condition. That’s a bad situation for any business that relies on industrial-level air compression. We’ll send an electric motor repair expert to your facility, to do things like check the belt tension, look for a worn pulley and investigate for any voltage drops and so on until we provide a solution.


If you think your  liquid pump is showing signs of an improper discharge flow rate, we’ll bring our pump repair services specialists in to check out your system thoroughly. We’ll work to identify such issues as a worn or loose impeller, worn wear rings, or perhaps it is a situation with improper impeller clearances that we will need to take care of on the spot.


A customer will call with their vacuum pump giving off smoke or fog and they need immediate assistance. Our professionals arrive to come up with a solution that results in oil mist elimination, possibly using oil mist capture devices. And if a customer needs help with vacuum pump rental in the meantime, we will be happy to set them up with the equipment they require.

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Along with providing new equipment and repair services, we offer repair and installation parts like compressed air piping. We also offer air compressor rental and vacuum pump rental, so you can keep your business running even when your main equipment is down. Advanced Air uses a holistic approach for both systems and equipment. We don’t just try to sell you new equipment, but instead, are eager to fix what you already have. We can identify and repair any air compressor problem.

For motor work, we are EASA and AR100 certified. For compressed air, we are certified CAGI specialists with Air Master certification. We rank in the top half percent in our industry, and only 35 people in the US share this rank.

To get service, or to buy or rent equipment, contact us at Advanced Air today.

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