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Advanced Air & Vacuum has established a strong presence in El Centro, providing top-tier air compressor services on industrial air compressors, vacuum pumps, motors, and compressed air piping. Using our years of experience handling the challenges of El Centro’s arid climate, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet and exceed your air compressor needs. Our compressor services encompass everything from preventive maintenance and emergency repair to installations and rental equipment, catering to a wide array of industries including:

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If you’re having issues with your air compressor system, our service technicians are ready to deliver top-quality air solutions. We offer more than just repairs; our approach includes routine preventative maintenance services to ensure your air system operates at peak performance by addressing problems proactively.


Have motor problems? Our technical support team can swiftly address problems and send a motor expert to address issues like worn pulleys, voltage drops, belt tension issues, and more to restore your motor.


Facing pump issues? Our maintenance and repair services fix current problems and implement solutions to prevent future pump failures. We tackle a range of pump issues, such as worn-out wear rings, misuse of pumps, inadequate debris management, and other problems common to vacuum pumps in the El Centro area.


If you’re experiencing improper pressures, have a contaminated pump, see smoke or fog coming from your vacuum pump, or have any other vacuum pump problems, look no further than AAV. Our service technicians will conduct thorough diagnostics to address and tackle common and complex issues to get your air system back to running at peak performance.

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Healthcare Sector

The reliability of medical equipment is crucial for delivering high-quality patient care. We specialize in providing air compressor repair and preventive maintenance services tailored to meet the air needs of healthcare facilities, ensuring that medical equipment operates reliably and without interruption.

Automotive Industry

We recognize the critical role of compressed air in powering essential equipment like pneumatic tools, car lifts, and tire inflation systems. This is why we have an extensive range of air compressors, alongside specialized repair services and preventative maintenance plans tailored to meet and exceed the needs of body shops, service centers, manufacturing facilities, and car washes.

Construction Industry

Air compressors are essential for powering pneumatic tools and heavy machinery that facilitate efficient construction processes. We provide services specifically for construction businesses, offering air compressor maintenance, and repairs to ensure your projects are supported with reliable and high-quality air solutions.

Advanced Air?

If you’re in El Centro and need help servicing your industrial air compressor, Advanced Air & Vacuum is your one-stop shop for new compressors, rentals, repairs, maintenance, and installations. We are EASA and AR100 certified and know the importance of following the best practices which is why we fix the problem and address potential issues to ensure your air equipment performs for years to come. As a service provider and authorized distributor of nearly all major brands of air compressors and vacuum pumps, including Atlas Copco and Quincy, we have the expertise to tackle any problem you’re facing.

Contact Advanced Air & Vacuum for your next air compressor service and get access to a dedicated team that is committed to excellence. Fill out a form or call us to explore how we can support your specific needs.

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM