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As a dedicated partner for businesses and industry in the San Diego area, Advanced Air & Vacuum is proud of its 20-year history of the El Cajon community. The area’s strong aeronautical and manufacturing roots have helped us create a strong presence in El Cajon as well as other areas of San Diego County, driving superior pneumatic systems for the many industries in the region. But with the semi-arid climate comes specific challenges, ones that we are well-positioned to address given our history in the area.

With a deep history in the Southern California region, we’ve already developed the right solutions for industrial businesses in the area requiring pneumatic systems. We can easily provide you with industrial air compressors, industrial vacuum pump sales, electric motor repair, compressed air piping, pump repair services or more, we can provide it for all industries, such as:

  • Aerospace
  • ndustrial/manufacturing
  • Commercial/residential construction
  • Automotive repair
  • CNC machines
  • Food/beverage packaging
  • Screen printing
  • Medical/Dental
  • Pharmaceutical

Advanced Air & Vacuum is proud to serve the El Cajon community as the leading regional air compressor service, installation, repair, rental and sales company. Why not reach out today?

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Air Compressor Services: Fixes and Solutions


If your air compressor is constantly going into an emergency shut-down mode, it can be difficult to deal with. We’ll help you try to diagnose it over the phone or can have a tech on-site quickly to address the issue.


Is your electric motor running in an overload condition, causing shutdowns and other issues on your line? We can quickly check for issues such as worn pulleys, drops in voltage, belt tension issues and similar concerns to get you back into service.


Are you having problems with poor or improper discharge from your pump? Our experienced service techs can help you determine whether it involves improper impeller clearance, worn or loose impellers, worn wear rings or similar issues.


If your vacuum pump is not providing you with sufficient vacuum, there are a range of issues that can cause the problem. We’ll determine what you need while providing an industrial vacuum pump rental temporarily.

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Advanced Air?

Advanced Air & Vacuum uses a multidisciplinary approach to your sales, service, repair and rental needs. Our certifications prove the quality of our work. The EASA certification shows that when we repair your electric motor, we’ll meet or exceed industry standards, giving you superior work and exceptional performance. The AR100 certification demonstrates our training and experience in handling your high-level industrial and factory repairs, giving you the quality results that you can count on.

Though many companies just want to hand you the next piece of amazing equipment, our holistic approach means we’ll help you with your existing system. This makes it much easier to trust our recommendations, helping you solve problems that can include

  • Electrical supply and voltage issues
  • Compressed air piping design and installation
  • New equipment installation
  • Issues with ambient temperature and elevation

We handle your needs from on-hand inventory, while on-site electric motor repair and motor rewinding make us the only regional company to handle all your needs. Contact us today.

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM