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If you’re in the Anaheim, CA area, you have some amazing options for things to do. The area is home to the Disneyland Resort, which offers entertainment and thrilling experiences for people of nearly all ages. If Disney isn’t your thing, though, there are whale-watching tours, filming location tours, and impressive beaches where you can have some time to relax. Shopping and restaurants options are impressive in Anaheim, as well, and there are also professional sports teams if you want to take in a game.

With all the industry in the area, many places need someone who can work on industrial air compressors. If your company needs this kind of assistance and support, calling Advanced Air is the right choice. We offer air compressor services like preventive maintenance, air compressor repairs, air compressor installations, and even sales of compressor parts like inline filters. These commercial air systems are used for things like food and beverage packaging and powering car lifts.

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If you’re having problems with an air compressor, we have solutions. We can even help you choose whether a piston or reciprocating option would be best for your needs. With just a five-minute consultation, you can have the information you need to make a knowledgeable choice. We can also help diagnose issues such as water in the lines, and problems with loop & drop or trunk & branch lines.


Air compressor motors can be problematic, as moisture or contamination can cause them to stop working. We can help with that, and also use a laser to correct misaligned motors. We’ll check for over or under greasing, and consider whether an overload condition is causing problems. By checking belt tension, worn pulleys, and voltage drops, we can solve the problem with your motor.


Pumps often develop seal damage or leaks, which require repair or replacement of mechanical seal faces that have been damaged by sand, metal, abrasives, or any foreign objects. If you’re dealing with pump clogging, we can help by looking for worn out wear rings, incorrect pump applications, or improper control of debris in the pump area.


Smoke or fog are common experiences with vacuum pumps, but there are devices that can help with things like oil mist elimination and capture. We can also perform diagnostics on units that aren’t starting, as well as testing on pumps that are blowing fuses or tripping breakers.

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Anaheim’s thriving business landscape encompasses a range of industries that rely on the power and efficiency of industrial air compressors. Some of the key industries we serve are the manufacturing and automotive sectors.

Manufacturing & Production

Anaheim’s manufacturing and production industries are the backbone of its economic vitality. From food production to aerospace manufacturing, our industrial air compressors drive productivity and efficiency. Our experienced technicians provide tailored air compressor rental equipment, installation and maintenance services, as well as repairs to ensure seamless operations in these crucial sectors.

Serving the Growing Automotive Sector

California’s automotive sector, held up by prominent manufacturers like Tesla, has been steadily trending upward. Our expertise shines in applications like car lifts, pneumatic tools, and tire inflation—critical components of automotive operations. Whether you’re a car shop or part of the automotive supply chain, our air compressor system services support the growing demands of this thriving industry.

Advanced Air?

When your company needs installation or repair for your industrial air compressor, you need Advanced Air. We also make it easy and convenient to rent industrial air compressors or industrial vacuum pumps for your needs, and are EASA and AR100 certified to provide you with the highest level of value and quality. We follow best practices for the industry, to keep you and your company safe and operating efficiently.

When you contact Advanced Air for motor rewinding, pump repair services, or other issues with your industrial air compressor, you can expect dedication that will have you back up and running just as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM