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With a long history in the Sun City and greater Phoenix metropolitan area, Advanced Air & Vacuum is proud to serve the community with outstanding products and services. From air compressor installation, repair, rental, parts, and sales to vacuum pump rental, electric motor rewinding and Prevost compressed air piping, our local presence allows Sun City and Phoenix businesses to enjoy the benefits we offer our customers. Rather than settling for a company that does a little bit of everything, why not work with an expert in the industry? Working with Advanced Air ensures you’ll get the best possible service, repair, and sales support in the industry. 

Plus, our team brings multi-industry expertise to the table:

  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Medical/Dental/Pharmaceutical
  • Screen Printing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive Repair
  • CNC Machines
  • Commercial/Residential Construction
  • Food/Beverage packaging

If you need help with a new or existing air compressor in your business, the experienced professionals at Advanced Air & Vacuum are ready to help. From basic portable systems for a large home garage to full-size, long-duty-cycle rotary screw air compressors, our team can help you find the right fit for your needs. With a strong focus on only providing high-quality, reliable air compressor brands and models, you’ll gain significant benefits and outstanding operational efficiency. Our in-house team can handle any issue you throw at us, providing a local touchpoint for your needs. 

This knowledge is why we’re the leading company in Phoenix providing industrial vacuum pump rental and sales, in addition to air compressor rental and sales, repair, service and installation.



Air Compressor Service in Phoenix

Having regular service and maintenance performed on your air compressor equipment is vital to its longevity and overall performance. Advanced Air & Vacuum provides exceptional technical expertise and service plans to protect your investment in your compressed air system. Our technicians are CAGI certified, ensuring that they know exactly how to assess and service your system to keep it operating effectively. We’re also AirMaster certified, an honor only given to the top half percent of the industry, and only 35 people in the United States.

Air Compressor Parts in Phoenix, AZ

When you need parts for your air compressor, you need them now, not in a few days, weeks, or months. This is why we have an extensive inventory of high-quality air compressor parts at Advanced Air & Vacuum so that you can have your air compressor repaired quickly. This makes it much easier for your company to keep moving without the expense of rental equipment or having to deal with downtime while you wait for a new part to come in. Discover how Advanced Air & Vacuum can get you back into operation quickly and effectively.

Air Compressor Repair Phoenix, AZ

Having your air compressor break down is a problem for your business, but the team at Advanced Air & Vacuum is ready to help get your Sun City or Phoenix business back in motion. Our team’s expertise allows our technicians to quickly diagnose and repair your air compressor, making it easier to get going again. We also have an extensive parts inventory, shortening your wait time for parts. When you work with our team, we’ll not only repair your air compressor, but we’ll also find issues that are causing the problem, recommending solutions.

Electric Motor Rewinding in Phoenix, AZ

If you have aging equipment, replacement may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, electric motor rewinding services from Advanced Air & Vacuum can help keep that equipment operating much longer, giving you an extended equipment life. With a team that is EASA AR100 accredited to ensure that we meet or exceed industry standards when working on your electric motor, and over 150 years of combined experience, our team can get your electric motor back into operation and reduce your related equipment replacement expenses.

Contact Advanced Air and Vacuum Today!

Advanced Air & Vacuum has a range of options for your business, from air compressor sales, service, repair, parts, and rentals, in addition to our vacuum pump repair and service and motor rewinding. We help your Sun City business operate with maximum efficiency. Contact us with any questions you may have about our products or services!

Advanced Air?

With a multidisciplinary team, Advanced Air & Vacuum is focused on treating your whole system instead of just selling you new machinery. Our EASA certification shows that we meet or exceed industry standards as we work on your electric motor repair, and our AR100 certification shows that our techs have the training and expertise to manage all of your high-end industrial or factory repairs without causing any damage or reduced capacity.

Our team will provide you with a holistic approach, providing you with an industrial air compressor rental for now while we develop long-term solutions for your system. This allows us to identify and address all issues:

  • Installation
  • Compressed air piping
  • Electrical
  • Ambient temperature and elevation

Given the opportunity to develop your end-to-end system, you’ll discover constant care in our on-hand inventory, on-site repair, and in-house repair. That’s why Advanced Air is the company to handle your needs, so contact us today!

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If your industrial air compressor won’t start, it may be a simple matter of troubleshooting over the phone, a standard air compressor service or one of the air compressor parts from our extensive on-hand inventory. We’ll get you running again quickly.


Have a legacy electric motor that you’re not ready to give up on yet? Our motor rewinding service lets you get back into motion, while our certified repair team can get to the heart of the problem and find smart, effective solutions for your operation.


If your pump system isn’t working properly, it ranges from simple inconveniences, such as a facility’s water feature pump, to major issues that impact other systems, such as cooling. No matter the problem, our experienced technicians can fix it fast.


Problems with smoke or fog showing up in your industrial vacuum pump system? No problem! We’ll diagnose it and fix it, while providing you with an industrial vacuum pump rental in the meantime to keep you going.

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