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In the heart of Arizona, Scottsdale is a vibrant city known for its outdoor living, thriving arts scene, and wide array of industries. The city’s unique blend of activities and businesses, from small local startups to major sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive industries, all face common challenges of Scottsdale’s arid climates and its effects on pneumatic systems. At Advanced Air & Vacuum, we understand these challenges and are committed to providing high-quality air compressor and vacuum pump solutions to everyone—ensuring that no matter the size of your operation or the complexity of your needs, we have the expertise and resources to help.


Advanced Air & Vacuum is your premier partner in Scottsdale for top-tier air compressor and vacuum pump solutions. We pride ourselves on our years of experience and commitment to excellence, ensuring that from consultation to installation and beyond, we are there for all your air system needs with unmatched expertise. Whether you’re a homeowner, a small business, or a large industrial operation, Advanced Air & Vacuum is dedicated to meeting your needs with the highest level of service and technical support.

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If you’re deciding on the ideal industrial air compressor system for your needs, Advanced Air is here to assist. In just a five-minute consultation, our service team can offer insight and options tailored to your air needs and budget. Beyond guiding your selection, we provide comprehensive air compressor services, including emergency repairs for all systems and equipment. Our factory-trained technicians specialize in everything from repair to routine maintenance, ensuring your systems avoid unexpected downtimes and contamination.


Understanding the complexities of air compressors, we offer diagnostic and repair services tailored to address issues related to your air compressor motor. Our team tackles a wide range of challenges, including contamination, misalignment, overloads, greasing problems, single phasing, and more, while also providing tailored advice for application-specific concerns. Our commitment to your business’s uninterrupted operation drives us to deliver swift and reliable motor solutions which is why we address issues in-house to ensure a rapid turnaround time.


Pump issues like seal damage, leaks, clogging, and improper flow rates often require repair or replacement of mechanical seal faces affected by sand, metal, abrasives, or other foreign materials. Our service technicians are adept at diagnosing and resolving your pump issues ensuring your compressor returns to peak performance. Additionally, if you’re in the market for a new pump, we can help with that, too.


Seeing smoke or fog coming from your industrial vacuum pump is cause for concern but doesn’t have to mean your system is done for good. Specializing in vacuum pumps and compressed air equipment, we tackle common and complex problems by swiftly identifying and repairing issues including varnishing, contamination, and inadequate vacuum performance.

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Healthcare Sector


In Scottsdale, the healthcare industry’s reliance on equipment like industrial air compressors and vacuum pumps is crucial for high-quality patient care. Advanced Air provides tailored compressor and vacuum services to meet the unique demands of local healthcare facilities. Our expertise ensures the seamless operation of essential medical equipment, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient well-being. 

Manufacturing Sector


The manufacturing sector thrives on precision and efficiency, heavily depending on reliable industrial air compressors and vacuum pumps for seamless operation. Advanced Air & Vacuum specializes in delivering customized compressor and vacuum services that align with the specific air compressor needs of Scottdale’s manufacturing facilities.

Automotive Industry


From manufacturing to field service, automotive businesses depend on compressed air equipment like pneumatic tools, car lifts, and tire inflation systems for smooth day-to-day operations. At Advanced Air & Vacuum, we support Scottsdale’s automotive sector with our range of air compressor sales, repair services, and preventive maintenance services, ensuring your operations are free from unwanted downtimes and maximizing efficiency.

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As an authorized distributor and service provider for leading brands such as Atlas Copco and Quincy, Advanced Air & Vacuum combines years of expertise with a steadfast commitment to quality. Our Scottsdale service center is well-prepared to fulfill every air compressor requirement, from consultation and installation to urgent repairs and preventive maintenance. We extend straightforward rental services for industrial air compressors and vacuum pumps, boasting EASA and AR100-certified solutions that promise unmatched quality and reliability. Our approach is rooted in a dedication to the compressed air industry’s highest standards, ensuring your operations are efficient and safe. To support this, we offer custom maintenance plans, and emergency services, all designed to provide your air systems with continuous, trouble-free performance, aligning with the most stringent safety and efficiency protocols.

Contact Advanced Air for your next air compressor service or for any other air-related needs, ensuring your equipment is swiftly restored to peak performance.