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Being one of the big three cities in Arizona, Mesa provides Advanced Air & Vacuum with the ideal environment to showcase our specialized skills in pneumatic systems. Located near essential industrial centers, our services are expertly calibrated to address the specific environmental and operational demands unique to Mesa and the larger Arizona area.

The local desert climate in Mesa introduces its own set of complications for pneumatic systems. These are challenges that we are well-equipped to overcome through our years of experience in Arizona. This means we also have the proper advanced technology that is required to operate in such a climate. These qualities make Advanced Air & Vacuum a trusted provider of comprehensive pneumatic solutions in the Mesa community.

Our agile team employs a holistic approach designed to tackle all your pneumatic system needs. Our comprehensive array of services includes air compressor maintenance, compressed air piping, and electric motor repairs, among others. The depth of our experience across various industries offers you a competitive advantage in your operations. We have experience working with industries such as:

Advanced Air & Vacuum is a leader in providing air compressor services, installations, and repairs. As a trusted supplier for commercial air compressor rentals and sales, we are happy to extend our specialized services to the Mesa, Arizona community.

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Having difficulties maintaining enough pressure for your air tools? The problem could stem from your air compressor, or perhaps your compressed air piping isn’t up to your company’s needs. Discover how we can bolster your system.


 Facing challenges in keeping your motors operating smoothly? Whether it’s issues like overheating, worn-out bearings, or a requirement for motor rewinding, our team of certified professionals will expedite solutions, helping you maintain operational continuity.


Encountering issues such as a degraded impeller, worn rings, intake obstructions, or other pump-related complications? We provide pump rentals to ensure your operations continue uninterrupted while our experts focus on fixing the issue.


Production at a standstill because of low vacuum pressure? When you choose Advanced Air & Vacuum, we supply an on-the-spot vacuum pump rental as we tackle the underlying issue, making it easier for you to resume full-scale operations.

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Advanced Air?

When you choose Advanced Air & Vacuum, you’re not just hearing a sales pitch; you’re engaging with a highly skilled team backed by EASA certification. This ensures that our electric motor repair services not only meet but often surpass industry standards. Our AR100 certification further solidifies our expertise in executing complex repairs on your industrial or factory systems.

Instead of bombarding you with sales promotions for the latest gadgets, our goal is to restore your business operations swiftly and efficiently. We take a thorough approach to diagnosing a wide array of issues, such as:

  • Compressed air piping
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Installation quality

With us, you get end-to-end solutions, from system planning and inventory management to on-location repairs. As the only regional provider capable of fulfilling all your requirements, we invite you to reach out to us today with any questions.