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IN Gilbert, Arizona

As one of the prominent cities in Arizona, Gilbert offers the perfect setting for Advanced Air & Vacuum to demonstrate our expertise in pneumatic systems. Situated close to vital industrial hubs, our services are fine-tuned to address the unique environmental and operational requirements specific to Gilbert, AZ.

Gilbert’s local desert climate presents distinct challenges for pneumatic systems, challenges that we are well-prepared to conquer thanks to our years of experience in Arizona. Our advanced technology is tailored to operate seamlessly in such conditions. These qualities solidify Advanced Air & Vacuum as a trusted provider of comprehensive pneumatic solutions in the Gilbert community.

Our agile team adopts a comprehensive approach designed to address all your pneumatic system needs. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses air compressor maintenance, compressed air piping, electric motor repairs, and more. Our extensive experience across various industries offers you a competitive edge in your operations. We have found success working in many industries, such as:

Advanced Air & Vacuum leads the way in providing air compressor services, installations, and repairs. As a reliable source for commercial air compressor rentals and sales, we are excited to extend our specialized services to the Gilbert, Arizona community, ensuring that your pneumatic systems operate at peak performance.

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Struggling with insufficient pressure for your air tools? The root cause may lie in your air compressor, or perhaps your compressed air piping falls short of your company’s requirements. Explore how we can fortify your system.


Running into challenges maintaining the smooth operation of your motors? Whether you’re grappling with issues such as overheating, worn-out bearings, or the need for motor rewinding, our team of certified professionals is poised to deliver swift solutions, ensuring the continuous flow of operations.


Dealing with concerns like a deteriorated impeller, worn rings, intake obstructions, or other pump-related complications? We offer pump rentals to guarantee uninterrupted operations while our experts focus on resolving the issue.


Is production grinding to a halt due to inadequate vacuum pressure? When you opt for Advanced Air & Vacuum, we provide an on-the-spot vacuum pump rental while addressing the underlying issue, facilitating a seamless return to full-scale operations.

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When you choose Advanced Air & Vacuum, you’re not receiving some methodical sales pitch; you’re engaging with a highly skilled team supported by EASA certification. This certification guarantees that our electric motor repair services consistently meet and often exceed industry benchmarks. Furthermore, our AR100 certification serves as a testament to our proficiency in executing intricate repairs on your industrial or factory systems.

Rather than bothering you with sales promotions for the latest equipment, our primary objective is to swiftly and efficiently restore your business operations. We employ a comprehensive approach to diagnose a wide range of issues, encompassing:

  • Compressed air piping
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Installation quality

With us, you gain access to end-to-end solutions, spanning from system planning and inventory management to on-site repairs. As the exclusive regional provider capable of fulfilling all your requirements, please contact us today with any questions, and let us drive your business forward.