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As a constant in Chandler’s manufacturing community, Advanced Air & Vacuum has a strong presence in the community, including medial, manufacturing, and electronics production. Given Chandler and the greater Phoenix area’s arid climate, there can be a range of challenges that can impact your pneumatic systems, from the dust in the air to the extreme lack of humidity. Fortunately, our twenty years of experience in the area means that we’ve already developed great solutions for your business.

Whether you work at Intel or serve the community with Dignity Health at the Chandler Regional Medical Center, our experience and history in the area means that we can help. Whether you need pump repair services, electric motor repair, or compressed air piping design, our experience in many fields is a great benefit:

  • Medical/dental/pharmaceutical
  • Industrial/manufacturing
  • Food/beverage packaging
  • Screen-printing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive repair
  • CNC machines
  • Construction

This knowledge is why we’re the leading company in Arizona for air compressor rental and sales, as well as air compressor repair, service, and installation.

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If you’re having issues with your air compressor, our industrial air compressor service team is on the job. We’ll walk you through basic steps over the phone, then send a fast-response team to help if that doesn’t get you back underway.


If you’re having trouble with an electric motor, it could be that motor rewinding is needed. Our team will happily work with you to find the perfect winding, then rewind your motors to ensure they’ll work well for years to come.


Leaking, worn, or poorly performing pumps can rapidly impact your operation. Our variety of pump repair services including impeller erosion repair, seal replacement, debris control improvement, cracked volutes, valve problems, and similar issues.


An industrial vacuum pump needs to perform well to keep your related equipment performing properly. At Advanced Air, we’ll not only handle your industrial vacuum pump, but will provide a vacuum pump rental to keep you moving in the meantime.

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Advanced Air?

At Advanced Air & Vacuum we have a multidisciplinary team that looks at your whole system instead of selling you new equipment. Our EASA certification provides peace of mind that our service technicians meet or exceed industry standards on electric motor work to provide superior performance. Our AR100 certification means we have the training and experience for all of your high-end industrial and factory repairs.

Instead of selling you a new system, our team will provide you with industrial air compressor rental for immediate needs while we fix your system for the long term. This holistic approach helps us identify all issues, including:

  • Installation problems
  • Compressed air piping
  • Ambient temperature and elevation
  • Electrical issues

After creating a perfect end-to-end system, you’ll have constant care in our air compressor parts inventory, on-site repair, and motor repair capability. Advanced Air is the only regional company to handle all these needs, so contact us today!