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Yuma, AZ is a small city in Arizona. It is on the border of California and is also close to Mexico’s border. Notably, it is often incorrectly assumed to be a California city.

The area is highly agricultural, and the city has even started a tradition of dropping a head of frozen iceberg lettuce from the water tower for New Year’s Eve, in a ceremony that is inspired by New York’s Ball Drop that commemorates the arrival of a new year.

A Marine Corps Air Station, regional medical center, and two school districts are among the city’s major employers. Yuma is also a trucking hub and handles a large amount of goods moving to and from California, Mexico, and Arizona. Yuma is a fast-growing industrial economy.

Here, Advanced Air helps keep everything running by providing industrial air compressor service, parts and rentals to businesses of all sizes. Thanks to Advanced Air’s territory range, we have specialists dedicated to the city of Yuma and are there on a weekly basis.

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Air compressors are key components of many industrial processes. We keep them running by providing service for unwanted shut-offs, failure to start, water in the lines, and more. Our experts can also advise you on the best type of air compressor for your application, how to configure your lines, and answer other set-up questions.


Motor rewinding is only the start of what we can do at our massive EASA service facility. If your motor is tripping your breakers, getting contaminated by moisture, has lost a leg, is single phasing, or having any other problems at all, we can diagnose and fix it. We can also solve application-specific problems.


If your pump is clogging, experiencing cavitation, is leaking or showing signs of seal damage, or is discharging at the wrong rate, just give us a call. We’ll come to your site in short order, diagnose the problem, and repair the malfunctioning part. Our experts can also help you with questions related to new pumps, such as which size to get.


Vacuum pumps can present some issues that are different from those of other pump types. Smoke and fog coming from the system, breaker tripping or fuse blowing, and poor vacuum are just some of the problems we routinely repair. We can also assess your entire site to diagnose issues with pressure and similar problems.

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Here at Advanced Air, we have a large in-house repair facility so that you can get your air compressor components back and working quickly. We have motor specialists with EASA and AR100 certification as well as compressed air specialists with CAGI and Air Master certification, so you can rest assured that we know how to fix your problems.

We also offer excellent help for buying new air compressor systems, including advice for which sizes and types to buy for your application. A large parts department stands ready in case you want to fix or expand your own system. Finally, we offer rentals of vacuum pumps and air compressors, so you don’t have to have any downtime while your system is being repaired.

Our experts look forward to your call. Get in touch with Advanced Air to learn more or to book service today.

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