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Tolleson, Arizona, is a suburb of Phoenix, which lies to the east. It is named after its founder, W. G. Tolleson, and was incorporated in 1929.

In 2010, Census officials counted 6,545 people living in Tolleson. Despite its small size, however, it is home to several large companies or their facilities. Some of the most notable are PepsiCo. Hillshire Brands, meat packer JBS Packerland, and AmeriCold Logistics.

With such a heavy presence of companies involved in food and beverage production and distribution, it’s no wonder that Advanced Air sees plenty of activity in this sector. Of course, Advanced Air’s service, parts sales, equipment sales, and rentals also keep many other Tolleson industries running. We are always there to ensure that every company can get the right equipment and keep it in great condition.

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The industrial air compressor is at the heart of food/beverage processing and other manufacturing and production facilities. If you need to know the right type for your business, just give us a call. We also provide air compressor service for problems like water in the lines, improper starts and stops, and setting up the proper piping for a system.


Since motors are hard workers, they need service more frequently than some other components. We have a large motor repair facility so that this doesn’t cause any more downtime than necessary. There, we do motor rewinding, reconditioning, re-bearing, take care of contamination, and much more.


Pumps are essential components, but they can also be the source of frustration. Call on us when your pump is experiencing problems like seal damage, clogging, improper discharge flow, and cavitation. We can also help you choose the right size of new pump for your specific application.


If your industrial vacuum pump is problematic, call Advanced Air & Vacuum to get it running smoothly again. We’ll fix any problem it may have, including contamination, varnishing, non-starting, poor vacuum, or pressure issues. We can do both field and shop diagnostics, so you aren’t left wondering what is wrong with this component for long.

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No matter what is wrong with your air compressor system, or which components are involved, we can take care of it. Call on us with complete confidence for all your repair and maintenance needs.

When it’s time for a new system, you don’t have to guess about what you need or how it should be set up. We’ll be glad to advise you every step of the way.

If you prefer to install or fix your own system, we’re still with you. Our extensive selection of air compressor parts makes it so you aren’t delayed for lack of components.

Finally, we offer air compressor and vacuum pump rental, so you don’t have to close your business while your own equipment is being repaired or installed.

We have specialists in both electric motors and air compressors. Motor specialists have EASA and AR100 certification, and our air compressor experts have CAGI and Air Master certification. You can rest assured that all our experts know exactly how to fix your systems.

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM