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Surprise, Arizona got its unusual name from its founder, Flora Mae Statler, who said she would be “surprised” if the city amounted to much. At first, the town only had a gas station and a few houses.

Despite her low hopes, it has become a small city with over 117,000 people. Much of its growth happened thanks to the opening of the age-restricted Sun City Grand community in the 1990s. Of course, stores and services soon sprang up to meet the needs of the new residents.

Advanced Air helps keeps Surprise running thanks to its industrial air compressor sales, services, and rentals. These compressors are used in medical, manufacturing, and even retail operations. Compressed air is needed for pneumatically-powered equipment that is used to make metal parts, run plastic molding machines, power medical equipment, and run hand tools like pneumatic wrenches. Many companies must shut down for repairs if their compressors aren’t working right.

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We offer air compressor repair for any problem these units have. Some of our most common service calls deal with unexpected shutdowns and refusals to start. Water getting into the lines is another common issue. We can offer to-dos over the phone or come out and inspect in person for solutions right on the spot.


Thanks to our state of the art shop, customers don’t have to wait for us to send their machines out for electric motor repair or motor rewinding. Instead, we fix problems in-house for a fast turnaround. We fix contamination, misalignment, overloads, greasing issues, single phasing, and more. Our experts also offer advice and service for application-specific issues.


Seal damage, other sources of leaks, clogging, and improper flow rates aren’t problems for long once Advanced Air is on the scene. We fix these and other issues either on-site or in our expansive shop. If you’re looking for a new pump, we can help with that, too.


Seeing smoke or fog coming from your industrial vacuum pump is concerning, but it doesn’t mean your system is down for good. Call us to come out, and we’ll get it running again in short order. We also fix contamination, varnishing, pressure problems, and breaker-tripping.

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When you choose Advanced Air, you can rest assured that you will get fast, expert service for all your air compressor needs. Whether you need to have your current system serviced, get advice on which components to use for a new system, or you need to set up air compressor rental to cover for downtime, give us a call.

Our electric motor specialists have EASA and AR100 certifications, so you know that they’re experts in getting your motors running properly. Our large repair facility ensures that repairs are done quickly so that your downtime is minimal.

For the rest of your air compressor system, you can count on our CAGI Specialists with Air Master certification.

Thanks to our specialists, we can identify and fix any air compressor problem. We also offer air compressor parts for when you’d like to handle your own maintenance. Call us today to get started.

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