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Phoenix is Arizona’s capital and the state’s most populous city. It is home to over 1,600,000 residents and is the anchor of its metropolitan area. This area is also known as the Valley of the Sun. It was founded near the intersection of the Salt and Gila Rivers, and a series of canals brought water to the farm fields that used to fill the area.

Now, Phoenix is the home of the headquarters of several companies, but its industrial activity does not take place in these office buildings. Instead, you’ll find industry and aerospace – and the industrial air compressors they use – at the facilities of companies like Honeywell’s Aerospace Division, which has many avionics and mechanical facilities in the Valley. In the western suburbs, you’ll also find Luke Air Force Base.

Advanced Air keeps these companies and organizations going with its air compressor service, sales, and rentals. You’ll find our air compressors in avionics facilities, manufacturing plants, and even medical facilities in Phoenix.

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We provide services and installations for all types and brands of industrial air compressors. Troubleshooting and problem solving is one thing that makes us unique, there is never a scenario that we can’t fix or correct. We also provide help with choosing the right type of air compressor, as well as advice for piping, if you want to do it on your own, we will coach you through the process or we would love to do it all for you.


Our electric motor repair service handles everything a motor could need. We diagnose problems, do motor rewinding, and take care of other issues. You can call us when you encounter motor contamination, single phasing, tripped breakers, misalignments, application issues, and any other motor problem.


Whether you have a simple question about application-specific pump sizing, or you need repairs for things like cavitation, seal damage, improper discharge flows, or clogging, you can count on Advanced Air to be there for you. We can answer most questions over the phone, and we can come quickly when you need on-site pump repair service.


Vacuum pumps encounter some of the same issues as standard ones, including contamination and pressure issues. They can also present unique problems, like smoke and fog. We can take care of all of them and more. Give us a call when you need service or a rebuild for your industrial vacuum pump.

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When you call for service from Advanced Air, you gain access to our massive in-house repair facility. Since we don’t send your air compressor or its components out for repair, your downtime is significantly reduced. In many cases, we can even fix compressor problems right at your location. To get you back in business even faster, we also offer air compressor rental and vacuum pump rental. We have all the air compressor parts you need, as well.

Our motor specialists are EASA and AR100 certified, so you can rest assured that you’ll get expert service and advice for all your motor related problems. When you need a compressed air specialist, you can still count on us. Our specialists in this area have CAGI certification as well as Air Master certification.

Call on Advanced Air for all your air compressor needs. We’ve got you covered.

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