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With a great mix between cotton farms, ranches, and urban development, Laveen’s position in the Sonoran Desert can create unique challenges to pneumatic systems. At Advanced Air & Vacuum, our experience in arid climates make us a top choice in the region for air compressor rental, industrial vacuum pump rental, electric motor repair, pump repair services, and compressed air piping. Because of our experience in the area, we’ve already found the right solutions to your pneumatic system’s challenges, which is why we have such a strong presence in the region.

With a strong history serving companies in the area, we’ll provide you with strong solutions to enhance your pneumatic systems. Whether you need air compressor repair, motor rewinding or commercial vacuum pump rental, we have the knowledge you need. Our expertise in numerous sectors and industries include:

  • Industrial and residential construction
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial/manufacturing
  • CNC machines
  • Food/beverage packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical/Dental
  • Automotive repair
  • Screen printing

Advanced Air & Vacuum is proud of its position in the Laveen community, serving as the top air compressor service and sales business in the region.

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If your air compressor isn’t maintaining sufficient pressure, don’t throw it out yet! Our experienced team can help you diagnose the problem and make repairs or upgrades to ensure that you’ll get the performance that you need. 


When your motor isn’t running efficiently, it can be difficult to diagnose. Is it overheating? Throwing belts? Overloading? Our team of certified technicians can get to the root of the problem and find and effective solution to your problems


When you need to move liquid, whether it’s water for your cotton field or keeping things cool, a failing pump doesn’t help the situation. We can help you with a wide range of pump repair services, including worn rings, clogs, and eroded impellers.


Vacuum pumps run a wide range of machinery, and one that isn’t reducing pressure sufficiently can close your whole process down. At Advanced Air, we’ll not only fix the problem, but will provide a vacuum pump rental so your operation keeps moving.

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Advanced Air?

Working with Advanced Air & Vacuum means that you’ll get an experienced crew that goes beyond a simple sales call. Our multi-faceted approach includes an EASA certification, which demonstrates our ability to meet or exceed industry standards, giving you exceptional work and superior performance in electric motor repair. Our AR100 certifications shows that we have the expertise to handle your high-level repairs for your factory or industrial installation.

Instead of getting a sales pitch and a push for the latest, greatest equipment, you’ll get back into operation. Our team’s holistic approach to diagnosing your system’s problems crosses a wide range of potential issues lets you get to the root of the problem:

  • Compressed air piping
  • Installation issues
  • Electrical problems
  • Ambient climate

Working with Advanced Air & Vacuum gives you more than a commercial air compressor or vacuum pump, with design services, on-hand air compressor parts inventory, and more, which is why we’re the only company for all your needs. Contact us today!