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Goodyear, Arizona, is indeed named for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, but not because the company made a lot of tires here. Instead, it chose this area to grow cotton, which was used in its tires at the time. In fact, the city was founded when Goodyear Tire bought 16,000 acres of land for this purpose. This purchase was made in 1917, and the town of Goodyear was incorporated only in 1946.

Despite its proximity to Phoenix, major roads between it and the city only came into being recently. Goodyear’s growth boom owed much to the construction of a major thoroughfare.

Here, Advanced Air helps local industry, educational facilities, transportation hubs, and sports teams with its industrial air compressor service and sales. The hospitality industry also relies on us to keep their lodgings in top shape.

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Industries large and small rely on air compressors to provide power for their pneumatic machines and tools. We keep them running by offering the most comprehensive service around, our services are not just preventative but predictable and can completely avoid certain failures from happening all together. New systems are our specialty and “turn key”, we can do everything from electrical install to piping install to even room and enclosure install.  


Other companies often must send motors out for repair, but we have an in-house facility that takes care of everything – even motor rewinding. This greatly cuts down on turnaround time. Call us for this repair, as well as for problems with overloads, single phasing, improper greasing, and everything else to do with your system.


This essential equipment can suffer from many issues over time. Call on us to prevent pump problems like improper sizing right from the start. We’ll advise you on the right size to use over the phone. Of course, we also fix existing issues like cavitation, clogging, seal damage, and more.


If you are experiencing poor vacuum, improper pressures, pump contamination, smoke or fog, or any other vacuum pump problems, call us right away. We can do diagnostics in the field or the shop, and then perform the needed repairs or adjustments to get your vacuum pump working the way it should.

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We understand that you don’t have time to wait for your industrial air compressor to be diagnosed and fixed. That’s why we have our own repair shop, and don’t send your components out to some nameless location to be fixed.

Our motor specialists have EASA and AR100 certification, and our air compressor specialists have CAGI and Air Master certification. These certifications show that our specialists are true experts. They work in our in-house shop and in the field to get your equipment back in working order.

Advanced Air’s services don’t stop with air compressor repair and electric motor repair. We also offer advice for choosing the right components and designs for new systems or for improving old ones. Along with this, we have the air compressor parts you need to install or maintain your own system. Renting an air compressor is also possible at Advanced Air.

Call us today to have us handle any air compressor needs you have.

Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM
Hours:Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM – 4 PM