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Unlike many towns and cities, Glendale, Arizona, did not begin as a trading post, train stop, or other such point of attraction. Instead, it was founded as a real estate development right from the start. That start came in the late 1800s, when developer William John Murphy decided to turn what was a barren stretch of desert into a community. This decision came after his work building a canal from Granite Reef to New River.

The first group to move in was a teetotaling one composed of several families. Murphy quickly banned alcohol to make Glendale more attractive to them. Later, the town expanded more when the Beet Sugar Factory opened in 1906.

Now, Glendale is home to over 252,000 people, and relies on industrial air compressors to keep its modern industries going. Advanced Air services air compressors for health facilities, manufacturing plants, several schools, and more.

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Our industrial air compressor experts can assist with helping you choose the right air compressor for your application, designing your piping system, troubleshooting existing systems, or servicing any brand and type. Our services are extensive and can solve any issue, not matter how complicated. We pride ourselves on being that company who has a solution for any situation. Try us out, we like challenges!


Electric motor rewinding is just one of the things we do for motors, but it is a big one. That’s because we can do this job in-house, which greatly reduces turnaround time. We’ll also fix problems with bearings, contamination, overloads, single phasing, and any other issues that arise.


Diagnosing pump problems requires an expert’s eye because many types of part failures cause the same symptoms. Cavitation, for instance, can be the fault of anything from eroded impellers to stuck valves. We can diagnose and fix this, as well as improper discharge flows, seal damage, leaks, and any other issues.


We can diagnose and repair all sorts of industrial vacuum pump issues, such as smoke and fog, contamination/varnish of the pump, poor vacuum, breaker tripping, pressure issues, and failure to start. Even though we can fix these things very quickly, we know that you want no downtime at all. Therefore, we also offer vacuum pump rental to keep your operations going.

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Whether you need fast service for a problem with your industrial air compressor, advice for choosing components for a new system or setting up its piping, air compressor parts to do your own repairs, or air compressor rental, Advanced Air is here to provide what you need. We work with air compressors of all types and configurations.

Our experts are often able to fix your air compressor components right on site, but if a part needs to go to the shop, you don’t have to worry. All our repairs are done in-house by our experts, so there is no need to wait for us to send it out.

Motor specialists at Advanced Air have EASA and AR100 certification, and our air compressor specialists have CAGI and Air Master certification. This ensures that you will always receive expert repairs and advice from us. Call us today to eliminate your air compressor troubles.

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