Mike Memmel

Lead Tech  |  mike@aavsales.com


“I take pride in my work, striving to achieve where others have not.” Strong comprehension in mechanical and electrical systems, decades of experience repairing equipment and control systems. Spends free time with  family or mountaineering with my friends.

Robert Parker

Service Manager  |  r.parker@aavsales.com


I have a strong knowledge of system design and engineering. I work well in problem-solving, creative solutions and with people who generally don’t work well with others. When not at Advanced, I’m hanging out with my best friend (my daughter), hiking, surfing, painting, etc.

Greg Wilkerson

Parts Manager  |  greg@aavsales.com


“I have the ability to focus on what matters most, without overlooking details.” Solution orientated. Extensive experience in air compressor industry, from entry level to upper management. Find me reading, exercising, and enjoying music outside of Advanced.


Brenden Roscoe

Systems Specialist  |  brenden@aavsales.com


I am a man of integrity, quality, great attention to detail. I am a pipe-fitter by trade, have also been involved in home construction and building custom trucks/boats. When not giving it my all at Advanced, I like metalworking, knife making, and building trucks.

Michael Callahan

Service/Sales  |  mcallahan@aavsales.com


“I like figuring how to get things done, especially when others cannot.” Experienced in construction, aviation, on/off-road trucks and heavy equipment operation. I spend my free time with my family, doing misc. projects, reading and self-educating (teamlaw.net)

Michael Vanden Berge

Sales Engineer  |  michael@aavsales.com


I am disciplined, trustworthy, patient, and dedicated. Before Advanced I did social work and was in the military. Away from Advanced I like rock-climbing, reading, doing volunteer work and back-packing.

Tim Van Buhler

Manager  | timv@aavsales.com


I am friendly, outgoing, and I enjoy my job. Before working at Advanced I was a service install tech and a dispatcher in service department. On days off I like fishing, going to the desert, golfing, and playing sports with my son.

Kris Smith

Install Technician  |  kris@aavsales.com


I am mechanical, good at pipe-fitting, and get along with anyone. Before working with the Advanced team, I was a mechanic, did custom carpentry, and architectural sheet-metal. My days off include yard-work, fast cars, and roller coasters. Advanced Since 2015

Bob Cordova

Pump/Motor Division  |  bcordova@aavsales.com


Patience is my strength. Before joining the Advanced team in, I spent 14 years in electric motor and pump sales/service. When away form the shop, find me playing golf.

Ernie Paleo

Imperial Valley  | ivc@aavsales.com


Get your new business cards Ernie? Thick and black, nice right!? Do fill out questions Berta has for you and then we will fill this area in with brief info all about you! Thanks for your hard work.

Gary Brunswick

Imperial Valley  |  ivc@aavsales.com


Bossman Gary! Fill out sheet Berta has for you and let’s tell our website visitors a little more about our team (you specifically in this section haha).

Berta Christie

Imperial Valley  |  ivc@aavsales.com


Hello Berta! We’d like to tell the world about you and are very happy to have you as part of our Imperial Valley team. Please inquire with Robert about getting employee bio questionnaire for you and the fellas k

Rene López

Automotive Dept.  | rene@aavsales.com


Willing to take on new challenges, I excel in problem solving and thinking outside of the box. I'm an expert in automotive equipment repairs and service. Before working at Advanced I owned my own business. Away from Advanced I enjoy hanging out with my family.

Brian Brunswick

Technician  |  info@aavsales.com


Glad you’re on our team Brian, join your coworkers in telling us more about yourself so we can share it here. Talk soon man!

Ryan Thomas

Motor Technician  |  info@aavsales.com


Skilled in motor rewinding/testing, and pump rebuilding. I started a family business (Electron Instruments) building motor test equipment, and a motor shop. Away from Advanced find me hiking, biking, paddle boarding with our kids, and ski and snowshoeing in the winter.

Roberto Lopez

Technician  | info@aavsales.com


Thanks for your hard work Roberto! We want to share some stuff abut you here, please fill out the sheet Bobby has for you.

Daniel Sacco

Shop Assistant  |  info@aavsales.com


We’re glad you’re with us Daniel! Be sure to fill out your employee bio soon so we can share about you here.

Jesus Guerrero

Shop Tech  |  info@aavsales.com


I am experienced with all things air compressor, vacuum pump, gas and diesel compressor, and electric motors. In my spare time I like to read about new technologies.

Scott Tunnell

In Shop  |  scott@aavsales.com


“I am easy to get along with, enjoyed learning, honest, hard worker, good with people.” Before Advanced I had 18 years in casino table games, 4 years service and sales. I like to spend time with family, kids sports, camping, target shooting, off-roading, fishing. Photo coming soon…

Bob Crowell

Install Technician  |  bob@aavsales.com


I've been with Advanced since 2009, I am OG… other than that: Jeep-up.

Jeff Mantooth

Technician  |  jeff@aavsales.com


I am very mechanical, I have been with Advanced since 2015. I have 36 years experience working with precision sheet-metal manufacturing. Away from work I like to enjoy the outdoors, 4 wheeling, hunting, fishing, and camping.

Troy Hollinger

Brand Manager  |  troy@aavsales.com


I specialize in logo, branding & website design. I have been doing all of the  graphic design for Advanced since 2016. I take care of all our visuals; like sign-age, truck wraps, stationery, photo shoots, social media, etc. It’s been great watching Advanced grow.



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