Joseph Vanderbilt

Oldest Son / Manager /

Hello! Thanks for visiting our website, we wanted to introduce you to our family! We have been building this business together for a couple decades now. It’s great to serve San Diego and now South Riverside with our expertise. If I am not working, you will find me with my stunning wife Jessica and our 3 kids!


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Joe Vanderbilt Sr.

Dad / General Manager /

I haven't cared as much about making money as I do about doing things right; so when it comes to risk, I minimize it with knowledge! Thank you SDSU! After all: “A man is known by his actions, his use of knowledge and the company he keeps.”


Cell : (619) 921-4035

Office : (619) 562-3373


Morgan (Vanderbilt) Van Buhler

Firstborn  /  Controller  /

I am passionate about my position within our company, and have never thought of it as a “job”.  I’m blessed to be working with my family for over 10 years and counting; all working towards the same goal, and witnessing the success and growth of Advanced.


Office : (619) 562-3373


Megan (Vanderbilt) Marks

Daughter /  Accounts Receivable  /

People say I can talk to anyone. This is true, so don’t be afraid to ask me anything. Working at Advanced is an honor. I am proud that my father has built a legacy for his family and I am able to serve Advanced and I do it with joy.


Office : (619) 562-3373


Madeline Vanderbilt

Youngest Daughter /  Administration  /

I love working for Advanced. Not only do I get to work with my family, I’m surrounded by people who love this place just as much as I do. Next time you find yourself calling Advanced, you will be able to tell in my voice how much I love working here. People say I have a accent when I greet them, but honestly it’s just the happiness inside me.


Office : (619) 562-3373


Katie (Vanderbilt) Vargas

Daughter /  Office Manager  /

Being a part of Advanced, it's growth, and along aside family is nothing but, amazing. I'm the newest addition to our San Marcos location and in order to be the best at what I do, I'm furthering my education in business and attending night school. My dad has made history and the Vanderbilts are here to succeed and continue the legacy!


Office : (760) 891-8200

Riverside : (951) 444-8905


Jack Vanderbilt

Youngest Son /  Technician  /

Learning from the ground up in this industry has given me all the necessary tools to succeed and having a great team around me pursuing one goal is what separates my company from others. If I'm not head first in a compressor you can find me on the lake fishing or on the golf course.


Office : (619) 562-3373


Scott Rayzor

Uncle /  Title  /

As a department manager, team leader and often times - just being an uncle, I provide the ear many of us need just to be heard. I'm that guy! I value our customers and everyone in our organization and I really appreciate what it takes in order for us to be successful. Lastly, I know I can count on our teamwork and support because of all the smiles we have placed on those who we serve.


Office : (619) 562-3373





Our family’s distinguished heritage runs deep in America’s history, dating all the way back to Cornelius Vanderbilt and the New York Central Railroad Co. he started in the early 1800’s. Likewise today, our family is hardworking, honest and eager to serve you. Scroll down and we’ll introduce our our family to you.


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