KT Series

Atlas Copco Compressors

Solid performance and Exceptional reliability
The new KT Series of two-stage, reciprocating piston compressors follow Atlas Copco’s long tradition of providing best in quality, efficiency and reliability in an affordable piston compressor.

Small and economical, the KT series of 5-20 hp compressors produces 15.3 to 70.7 ACFM at pressures of up to 175 psig. These units are perfectly suited for intermittent use in workshops and light industrial applications and are available in a variety of configurations.

Whether you choose a vertical or horizontal model, you get a compressor with exceptional reliability and minimum maintenance. These units have a highly efficient and easily accessible air filter for a clean operation and a long lifetime. The units can be supplied with either a single phase or three phase motor to suit any supply voltage. Magnetic starters come standard and ensure that the motor is protected and that starting is easy. A large multi-blade flywheel with a fully enclosed PVC coated wire belt guard ensures that your compressor operates quietly and coolly.

Packaged with an automatic tank drain, a low oil level switch and an aftercooler, the KT packaged unit is a low maintenance compressor with the extra protection you need to keep your operations running while providing you high quality compressed air.

Built with two compressor pumps and a highly efficient lead-lag control system, this compressor will meet your extra air demand and double the lifetime of your compressed air system - giving you unmatched energy savings while decreasing your energy costs.

Powered by fuel efficient, reliable and long lasting gas engines manufactured by Honda and Koehler, the KT Gas Driven Compressor is handy for a variety of outdoor and mobile applications. A pilot control valve is included on all models to reduce engine speed at low demand, producing less noise and extending the lifetime of the engine.

The block unit is available by itself and can be combined with your choice of driver. Thanks to its compact design and superior cooling efficiencies, the unit is versatile for a variety of OEM applications. Long life oil seals, balanced crankshafts, heavy duty bearings and cast iron cylinders make this a reliable and long lasting compressor pump.


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